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FRAGG Meeting, Saturday October 12th, Louisville

FRAGG met this past weekend in Louisville. Mike, Paul, Chris, Dustin attended. Paul demonstrated JAG and OpenGL 4 A-buffer rendering. Dustin showed a GUI shader editor. Chris demonstrated iOS OSG development and RTLSDR Software Defined Radio. Mike showed off his Raspberry Pi in an Otterbox with LCD display, running OpenGL ES1/2 demo apps. No photos

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OSG Transparency Toolkit

AlphaPixel just released the full source to the OSG Transparency Toolkit, a library with demo applications that implements multiple transparency techniques in an easy-to-use library with demo applications. osgTT currently offers the following transparency modes: None, Depth Sorted (aka normal OSG transparency), Delayed Blend (an unsorted method) and Depth Peeling (unsorted). Read all about osgTT

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DynamicTrack open source GPS/INS/tracking library

AlphaPixel recently completed work on several developments for a confidential aerospace startup, including a library for interfacing with GPS/INS devices called DynamicTrack. While the core software for this client was proprietary and still under non-disclosure, the client gratefully agreed to place the DynamicTrack library under an Open Source license (MIT) to allow it to be

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Virtual Paint Spray Coating Training System

AlphaPixel recently completed the second phase of development of the Virtual Paint spray-coating application training system for University of Northern Iowa’s Iowa Waste Reduction Center and Iowa State University. Read all about this sophisticated training simulation and how AlphaPixel helped develop and deliver it.

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FRAGG meeting, Sat April 20th, Louisville

FRAGG met last weekend in Louisville. Mike, Paul, Chris, Duncan and new member Scott dropped by. Paul discussed JAG. Chris demonstrated iOS development and osgEarth projects. Duncan and Scott both demonstrated somehwat similar projects (Scott using osgEarth) and Mike rounded out the osgEarth-fest with a demonstration of his amassed Colorado dataset. A brief discussion of

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Upcoming FRAGG April 2013 Meeting, Louisville, CO

Front RAnge Graphics Geeks (FRAGG) will be meeting in Louisville, Colorado on the morning of Saturday April 20th. If you’re interested in attending, please contact us for exact time and location so we can know a headcount for our venue. We have a number of new members, so it should be an interesting get-together with

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Screenshot of volumetric 3d data

glslDevil Open Sourced!

With the generous cooperation of the original authors, Thomas Klein, Magnus Strengert and Thomas Ertl, we have received the source code to the glslDevil ( ) GLSL source level debugger. I have uploaded the source as I received it with no modifications, to GitHub: We have not yet even tried to build it.

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FRAGG Meeting, February 2013

The Front Range Graphics Geeks met for the first time in 2013 on Saturday Feb 9th in Steamboat Springs, hosted by Mark Mueller. Mark led a tour of his architecturally beautiful highly automated and energy efficient house he is engineering and building and showed his prototype high-temperature dual-mode solar collector design. Mike Weiblen showed off

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