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We’re starting to populate the Projects Portfolio with some of the cool projects we have been excited to work on over the past few years. More projects will be appearing as we get time and permission to show them off, so check back regularly.

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Mike Weiblen exhibits a prototype laser-cut holographic grating.

FRAGG Meeting, November 2012

The Front Range Graphics Geeks got together on Saturday Nov 18th after a busy autumn. Some topics covered were Windows 8, WinRT and Windows tablets, osgEarth and Android devices, The Nexus 4 and cellphone carriers, grating-based holographic display, Drobo RAID appliances, textures atlases and texture arrays, prime number charts, OpenGL 4 and A-buffer renderers. FRAGG

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Radial plot of prime numbers

Prime Number Diagrams in Python and SVG

I was inspired by “Prime Number Pattern P Mod 40” by Jason Padgett. Padgett was mugged in 2002, sustaining a head injury that caused “a form of synesthesia and savant syndrome”. Jason sees visions of geometrical and mathematical forms and illustrates them. Here’s a video about him. As a fan of prime numbers myself and

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FizzBuzz in Python

I’ve been dabbling in Python recently, and stumbled across the FizzBuzz exercise, so I decided to test myself doing it in Python as a learning experience. Now, since I am the proctor and test subject, I let myself have two concessions: 1. I was going to use a text editor, because this was for my

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New: Team bio page!

Ok, I have to admit it, we’ve been so busy doing cool projects that we’ve been neglecting this new web site since this spring. But no longer! We’ve finally gotten the team bios page up, with pretty (?) pictures of all of the fascinating folks that actually do the cool projects we do. Stop by

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