“If you're wondering why the competition is beating you, this is what the competition uses.”
Electronic Arts Logo
Vincent Lin
EA / Origin
“[AlphaPixel's] depth of knowledge, great communication skills, and incredible productivity gave our project a great boost at a key time in its development.”
Dale Lutz, Co-CEO
Safe Software
“I contacted AlphaPixel after being told by a dozen firms that I was asking for something that couldn't be done. [AlphaPixel] was amazing and did the "impossible".”
Sheri Bohn
Morris Trust
“I think [PixelSense] will save me EONS of man hours.”
Rick Gaylor
3D Synthetic Enviro. Dev., Advanced Combat Simulations, Boeing Aerospace
“I’m in Tanzania right now using these maps and my own GPS maps to locate population centers. It’s something else to show people what their communities look like from a satellite point of view! I have never used any GIS software, don’t know anything about satellite pictures, and haven’t the faintest idea what your program actually does, but that I now have in my possession a very useful map! Accessibility is not usually the word I associate with software in this field. ”
Kenneth L. Leonard
Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Maryland
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Diagram of satellite communications around the Earth