Don’t waste your time thrashing around on projects you’re not familiar with. We can provide you with the highest level of consulting for your project wherever you are in the world.

FME Data Inspector GIS Data Paging and DisplayFor any small or large project, either open source, commercial, public, private, or restricted, AlphaPixel can help you solve your difficult problems.

We specialize in 3D visualization, VR/AR/xR, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and IMU/INS, remote sensing, image processing and optimization, terrain/landscaping graphics and natural phenomena, mapping, global spatial and orbital visualization, mil-sim, machine learning and GPU/GPGPU projects.

We are recognized leaders in OpenGL, OpenSceneGraph, Vulkan, C++, cryptography, Linux, embedded systems and high-reliability code. We have developed and published numerous iOS and Android apps for our clients and ported existing software to embedded and novel platforms.

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Diagram of satellite communications around the Earth