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AlphaPixel provides Consulting, Contracting and Software Development Professional Services for public and private organizations and projects from small to large.

Who We Are

Founded in 2004, AlphaPixel is one of the oldest and most experienced OpenSceneGraph / OpenGL / Vulkan / VulkanSceneGraph 3D graphics developers active today. Our knowledgeable team has literally decades of extensive experience with visual simulation, virtual reality and 3d visualization. Many of our team have created novel inventions and methods, pioneered technologies and filed patents of their own. If you have a difficult problem, we have the skills to solve it. We are an on-shore, US-based, English-speaking small business with developers around the country and around the world available to tackle your problems. We speak your languages.

Our superior support, consulting and contracting is available right now for your next project. If you need help now with your project, and you want the best, contact us today.

What We Do

We provide remote Consulting, Software Development and Contracting Professional Services for public and private organizations around the world.


Let our team of domain experts with decades of experience quickly solve your difficult problems.


We develop, improve & extend applications, toolkits, libraries, tools & APIs to meet your needs.

Open Source

We are extremely familiar with Open Source packages and licenses and can help you utilize and improve them.


We use C++, CUDA, GPUs, profilers, optimizers, caches and indices to make your project perform as fast as possible.


OpenGL • OpenGL ES • OpenSceneGraph • osgEarth • OpenIG • Vulkan • VulkanSceneGraph
3D Visualization • Visual Simulation (Vissim) • VR/AR/XR
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) • Mapping  GPS • LIDAR • Telemetry • Avionics
Cryptography • Digital Audio • Qt • OpenCL • CUDA • NVidia • AMD • Intel  ARM • RISC/V
Windows • Linux • MacOS • Embedded & Mobile • INTEGRITY  iPhone/iPad/iOS • Android

We Solve Your Difficult Problems.


Clients rely on us to solve their problems effectively, efficiently and promptly. Our developers have a combined total of hundreds of man-years of experience in your field, solving real problems.



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Latest Blog Posts and Whitepapers

Vision Navigation robot using Aruco/Apriltag style fiducial markers to conduct visual navigation

Vision Navigation Part 1: Overview of Vision Navigation

Vision Navigation is a blanket term that describes using optical-like raster input devices to discover your position and orientation (“pose”) and then use that position to plan, execute and monitor changes in position/pose within the environment. This whitepaper introduces the techniques, strengths and weaknesses, applications and processes of computer vision navigation.

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Woman wearing VR headset

AlphaPixel and Robert Osfield make OpenSceneGraph significantly faster on AR/VR/xR/Holographics displays

AlphaPixel Software Development and OpenSceneGraph Professional Services have released OVR_MultiView2 extension support for OpenSceneGraph to greatly improve performance of OpenSceneGraph on multi-view applications (VR/AR, Holographic).   Working together, AlphaPixel and Robert Osfield, project lead of OpenSceneGraph, have integrated support for the OpenGL extension called GL_OVR_multiview2 ( https://www.khronos.org/registry/OpenGL/extensions/OVR/OVR_multiview2.txt ). This extension can significantly decrease rendering overhead

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AlphaPixel receives US Defense Logistics Agency DD2345 Certification

We are now a Directive 5230.25 / DD2345 certified US-based software developer. For 2021, AlphaPixel has become certified by the United States Defense Logistics Agency with a Militarily Critical Technical Data Agreement to allow us access to unclassified technical data governed by DoD Directive 5230.25. DD2345 / Directive 5230.25 certification is required by U.S. or Canadian

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