AlphaPixel Ports OSG to Yocto-based Nvidia Jetson TK1

In a powerful one-two punch, AlphaPixel added support for the NVidia Jetson TK1 to the Open Source Yocto Linux distribution-builder, and then added OSG and OsgEarth (and their dependencies like GDAL) support to Yocto, allowing for easy and functional deployment of OSG/osgEarth apps on the powerful Jetson platform.

The Jetson is a Tegra K1 (ARM Cortex A15) system which provides a powerful GPU architecture with OpenGL 4.4 support in a small, power-efficient package well suited for automotive infotainment and other embedded systems. Making OSG and osgEarth available on the Jetson opens the doors to a vast ecosystem of high-end graphic and navigation applications.

AlphaPixel Ports OSG to Yocto-based Nvidia Jetson TK1
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