NVidia Jetson TK1 Yocto Implementation

Client: Confidential embedded client

Description :

AlphaPixel has developed an optimized Yocto BSP layer for NVidia’s new Jetson TK1 Tegra K1 platform. The Jetson TK1 is a high-performance ARM Cortex A15-based platform supporting OpenGL 4.4 with 192 GPU cores in an inexpensive and compact form factor perfect for mobile and embedded applications.

The Yocto Project  produce tools and processes that enable the creation of Linux distributions for embedded software that are independent of the underlying architecture of the embedded software itself.

Separately, AlphaPixel has also added Yocto support for OSG and osgEarth and their various dependencies.


NVidia Jetson TK1 Yocto Implementation
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