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Virtual Paint

Virtual Paint

Client: Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University Description : Working under the Ames Laboratory at Iowa State University, AlphaPixel developed a graphical simulation subsystem for the Virtual Paint coating application training tool. Virtual Paint is a training system that teaches the proper technique for applying a variety of spray-delivered coatings onto different parts prepared with different

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Screenshot of LIDAR data

Shader-based LIDAR Simulation

Client: Ball Aerospace Description : AlphaPixel, with Skew Matrix Software contributed training and consulting in support of Ball’s development of a realtime system allowing joystick-driven ‘flight’ of an airborne LIDAR mapping sensor over large-area landscapes built from USGS survey data. Subsequently AlphaPixel provided similar support in the development of shader-based implementation of material surface properties,

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3D view of head MRI data

LatticeFX Volume Renderer

Client: Ames Laboratory Description : AlphaPixel developed a GPU-based orthogonal slice-plane shader in GLSL to render a 3D volume texture (for example, medical MRI data) efficiently from a 3D texture with minimal CPU support. Uniforms are used to specify the model transforms, draw instancing generates a view-dependent dynamic number of slice planes at a specified

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