Open Source PRC file format 3D PDF exporter/converter for OSG

Open Source PRC file format 3D PDF exporter/converter for OSGClient: Confidential

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AlphaPixel recently delivered a Free/Open Source 3D PDF generation/conversion tool for exporting models to the PRC format and embedding them into PDF files.

Based on an OpenSceneGraph Reader/Writer plugin, and open source PRC code taken from the Asymptote, the osgdb_prc plugin converts the geometry, material colors and transparency, and in a limited fashion, the per-vertex coloration of models into a PRC file. This file can be embedded into a PDF file using the libHaru toolkit. The final result is a PDF that can be opened in modern versions of Adobe Reader on any platform, where the model can be viewed in 3D and interacted with.

Existing structure in the OSG scene graph (groups and node names) are preserved in the PRC file, exposing the graph structure in Adobe Reader where subsections can be drilled down into and shown/hidden.

Preserving the graph structure within Adobe Reader also allows JavaScript to be written and embedded in the PDF file to access the graph via the DOM to manipulate the position/rotation/visibility via scripts and callbacks. This enables basic animation to be presented in the PDF, though exporting of OSG animation nodes to the PRC/PDF is not supported yet. This is a feature we would like to pursue in the future with any interested partners.

AlphaPixel, with the authors of the Asymptote PRC code, is working to publish a fully independent PRC library using the PRC code currently hosted in Asymptote.

The OpenSceneGraph PRC exporter and forked PRC library code is currently hosted on GitHub at

Skew Matrix Software  and Code Hammer Technologies both participated in this project. Please contact AlphaPixel if you are interested in participating in this PRC work.


Open Source PRC file format 3D PDF exporter/converter for OSG


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