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GLSL-Debugger now buildable for Windows

Over the past several years, AlphaPixel has worked to get the GLSL source level debugger “GlslDevil” released as open source (it was an academic project relying on a closed-source library on Windows).

First, we succeeded in getting the source released (now renamed GLSL-Debugger) and set up on GitHub, and recruited a number of open source developers to work on and upgrade it, and contribute improvements.

Today, we are very pleased to announce that due to the efforts of these developers, GLSL-Debugger can now build and run on Microsoft Windows as a fully open source executable. A new web site for GLSL-Debugger has been created:


This features the current code, status summary and build instructions.

We welcome all new participants and would love to have your insight and contributions.

GLSL-Debugger now buildable for Windows


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