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Bacon, sitting on a scratched pan surface


Client: Internal Description : PocketBacon is an iOS entertainment app developed and published in 2008 and later sold to the Columbus Bacon Festival. PocketBacon allows the user to add sizzling strips of bacon to the iPhone’s display, move them around by tilting or with a finger, and “eat” them, accompanied by humorous sound effects. The

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3D mobile game puzzle

TapNet for iOS

Client: Internal Description : TapNet is an OpenGL 2D and 3D puzzle game for iOS based on the routing gameplay of the NET and nsNet games for Java and OSX. Similar in gameplay to the Gears games, the goal is to light up the whole grid with power as fast as you can.  

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osgEarth port to iOS

osgEarth port to iOS

Client: Pelican Mapping Description : AlphaPixel successfully ported the osgEarth virtual globe toolkit to iPhone/iPad/iPod iOS architecture utilizing OpenGL ES2 (which lacks Fixed Function Pipeline capabilities). We completed integration with iOS’s Objective C core classes and built a touch-based manipulator and worked through many challenging limitations of the mobile platform.  

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