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osgEarth port to iOS

osgEarth port to iOS

Client: Pelican Mapping Description : AlphaPixel successfully ported the osgEarth virtual globe toolkit to iPhone/iPad/iPod iOS architecture utilizing OpenGL ES2 (which lacks Fixed Function Pipeline capabilities). We completed integration with iOS’s Objective C core classes and built a touch-based manipulator and worked through many challenging limitations of the mobile platform.  

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OSG port to OpenGL ES2/EGL

OSG port to OpenGL ES2/EGL on iMX51 embedded SBC

Client: Confidential embedded user interface hardware/software company. Description: AlphaPixel performed a port of OpenGL to a Freescale iMX51 based single board computer system running Linux without XWindows targeting OpenGL ES2 via EGL. This was particularly challenging because OpenSceneGraph’s EGL implementation only supports Linux, but still requires the XGL APis. This port utilized the OSGViewerEmbedded class

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