OSG Transparency Toolkit

OSG Transparency Toolkit

OSG Transparency ToolkitClient: Confidential CAD-industry Client

Description :

OSG Transparency Toolkit (osgTT) is a library with demo applications that implements multiple transparency techniques in an easy-to-use library with demo applications.

osgTT currently offers the following transparency modes: None, Depth Sorted (aka normal OSG transparency), Delayed Blend (an unsorted method) and Depth Peeling (unsorted).

The demo application allows you to examine sample models and cycle between the different transparency modes to see the tradeoffs in quality and performance of each. Two transparency modes (Delayed Blend and Depth Peeling) are provided that avoid the potential bottleneck of per-frame z-sorting of drawables. At this time, all modes are implemented using only OpenGL Fixed Function Pipeline capabilities, no shaders or shader generation are required.

Depth Peeling is a multipass approach, and the number of passes is configurable on the fly for comparison.

Future plans include implementation of a single-pass A-Buffer method as well as a Single Pass Approximated Weighted Average method.

The project is hosted on GitHub here:


OSG Transparency Toolkit
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