LiveScene Kinect Toolkit

LiveScene Kinect Toolkit

LiveScene Kinect ToolkitClient: Internal

Description :

LiveScene is an Open Source (LGPL) toolkit to communicate with realtime 3D scanners such as Microsoft’s Kinect and process the data to make it available in a device agnostic way. Additional capabilities involved background detection and discrimination, as well as body mass and hand extremity detection and tracking. Currently only the Microsoft Kinect is supported via the OpenKinect libfreenect library, but the design allows for drivers to be implemented for a variety of devices and interfaces. Device capabilities can be queried and selected at runtime.

LiveScene also provides optional interfaces for formatting and expressing the 3D data in a form suitable for 3D display. An implementation for OpenSceneGraph is provided, though it is not mandatory and interfaces for other 3D display toolkits could be added.

LiveScene was developed in cooperation with Skew Matrix.

Here are some sample videos of LiveScene in operation.

LiveScene Kinect Toolkitvideos


LiveScene Kinect Toolkit
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